About Genesis Property Management

Genesis Property Management is a commercial real estate company that began its operations in 1977. We are focused on the acquisition and long-term ownership of commercial real estate.

Our focus is on high growth, supply-constrained markets that possess significant barriers to entry, attractive tenant bases and where a significant price discrepancy exists between the underlying value of the real estate and the commodity supporting that value.

Genesis properties has been fortunate to provide to our partners/investors over the last eight years a monthly return of 11.3 % annualized..

We believe: based on market conditions and lending rates the trend should continue on the properties we are purchasing.

Maintain a meaningful local presence in each market, which may include managing and operating our properties, to maximize the value of our tenant relationships.

The management strongest presence is in the SouthEast . Our holdings consist of Super Wal-Mart’s, Food Anchored Supermarkets and Drug stores. As operators and investors we are always seeking special opportunities.

Our current holdings provide investors with long term cash flow and stable returns. We have the privilege of joining partnership deals with both institutional and individual partners.

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